Neive Vino E... Neive Wine Fair

Wine tasting Weekend in the heart of historic centre

16th, 17th and 18th September 2017 ...there will be a huge Neive Wine Fair in the historical centre:
🍷Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th September in the old village there will be: Neive's wine tasting , gastronomic excellences,
live music and art exhibitions.
🍷 Monday 18th of September, at the Bottega dei 4 vini- Cantina Comunale di Neive :
-Conference with Neive winemakers about "The Future of Barbaresco in Neive"
- A detatiled speech by Alessandro Masnaghetti about the Menzioni Geografiche Aggiuntive of Neive. (Neive's cru)
-At Salone Mezzocolle a Five Courses Gala Dinner with Neive wines and 5 different excellent dishes made by
5 young and innovative chefs. Their cuisine represents high quality and modernity in Langa.

You are very welcome!
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In collaboration with Gallo Wine Gallery and Comune di Neive


The wines can be tasted at the tasting banquets located in the 3 main squares of the historic center. 
Piazza Italia will be dedicated to whites and sparkling wines,
 in Piazza Cocito the Barbaresco, 
in Piazza Negro all the other red wines and in Via Rocca Moscato will be served.

The winemakers will be  behind the tasting tables to serve and explain the wines to the winelovers.

Neive Vino e... is free! 
You have the possibility to purchase one or more Cards 20 euro, 
and use it for the wine tastings. 
The Card is made up of no. 10 boxes that will be scratched from time to time according to the value of the glass;
 Each box has a value of 2 euros.

It will be possible to buy in advance at the Bottega dei 4 Vini (Neive) and Gallo Wine Gallery (La Morra),
 the Vip Card - all inclusive with: unlimited wine tasting at the weekend,
 a seat at the Conference and the 5 chefs Gala dinner September 18th.
The 18th of September h. 8.30 p.m. in the location of Salone Mezzocolle  there'll be a great Gala Dinner with Neive wines and 5 dishes prepared by 5 chefs to represent the future gastronomic excellence with a young and innovative cuisine of Langa.
Paolo Meneguz - Restaurant FRE,
Gabriele Boffa - Castle of Guarene,
Federico Gallo - Locanda del Pilone,
Francesco Oberto - Restaurant DA Francesco,
Pasquale Laera - Boscareto Resort & SPA.

130 euro wine included.
Limited seats.
You can buy your ticket at Bottega dei 4 Vini (Neive) and Gallo Wine Gallery (La Morra)
Send reservation to mail with indicated number of participants + name and surname of all participants
Payment via bank transfer: IT65L0853022504000080104138
payment description: GALA DINNER, number of participants, name and surname of all the participants


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